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There is an increasing demand in auto shipping services and consequently, this also means bigger business for companies that are providing this type of service. That is also the reason why there are a lot of players when it comes to this kind of industry. In fact there are some that have specialized in certain types of auto shipping services in order to appeal to a niche market. For example, door to door car shipping companies are now making a name for themselves as more people are now in need of transport service for their cars.

It is mandatory for you to verify the shipping company you are planning to deal with. Its good to check their DOT (Domestic Auto Transport) registration and other legal license before choosing them. You must check that your car transporter has his/her recent cargo insurance and has minimum liability that does not surpass the value of your car.

But not all auto shipping quotes will be instantly deliverable. Thats because there are a few options which might make your quote more or less, depending on the circumstances. Lets take a look at two in order to give you a better understanding of how car shipping services calculate their auto shipping quotes.

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Make sure that the company is licensed and bonded, and carries adequate insurance. Any shipping company which is operating legally and above board will be licensed and bonded with the appropriate entities. They will also carry robust insurance which protects both you and then in the event that something happens to your car, either through their mishandling or via an act of God. If the company that you deal with is not licensed nor bonded, and does not carry an adequate amount of insurance, that is a deal breaker. Leave right then.

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